Dropshipping products: TOP 5 in 2023 + Guide

These are the best dropshipping products currently on the market.

Dropshipping is one of the biggest trends in MMA (Make Money Online). s holds an incredible amount of potential if you do it right. One of the most important factors here is sometimes the product. In this comprehensive article, you will learn everything about dropshipping products as well as the TOP 5 dropshipping products 2021 right at the beginning.

TOP 5 Dropshipping Products

Here is an overview of the bestsellers in 2021. These are the products that have been and still are sold the most. Of course, one should also be aware that the market saturation of these products is already very high. Below is a guide on how to find new Winning Products yourself.

iPhone case with chain

The bestseller par excellence was and still is the iPhone case with cord or chain. Especially among women, the product is particularly popular. It protects the smartphone from damage by the case or prevents this by the necklace through which you can hang the case around.

Screenshot 2020 07 15 At 00.05.46


In the wake of Corona, home workouts have become increasingly popular. One of the best tools to get the body in shape even at home are the rings. However, here you should make sure that you have a good manufacturer, because the quality is crucial. Defective or vulnerable products pose an enormous risk of injury here.

Screenshot 2020 07 15 At 00.13.57

Resistance Bands

Another “home workout device” which enjoys great popularity are resistance bands. Just like rings, you can mimic almost any exercise in the gym with bands. However, you should pay attention to the exact size and resistance specifications.

Screenshot 2020 07 15 At 00.14.47

Wine Bottle Lock

This may seem like a fun gadget but wine bottle locks are currently all the rage. Thus, you can safely reseal used wine and protect it from children. Due to the low price, the margin here is particularly good.

Screenshot 2020 07 15 At 00.16.46

Kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets always sell exceptionally well if you run the right ads and find new products. Cooking is essential for many of us and the potential target group is correspondingly large. From the hobby cook to the student who wants to save time to ambitious cooks, you will find something for everyone.

Screenshot 2020 07 15 At 00.23.52

You want to find successful products for your dropshipping business? Here is the ultimate guide including tips and tricks on how to quickly get potential winning products.

Contrary to popular belief, winning products in dropshipping are not a coincidence but the result of strategic application of certain techniques. Of course, not every product you test is a winning product, but you can significantly increase the odds by conducting strategic product research.

The basics of Winning Products

Basically, you should know a few points before you go looking for Winning Products. These basics form the foundations for successful products for Shopify or even Amazon. One should know and consider them before launching the first product.

Trends Make Money

One of the most important points is definitely “Trends Make Money”. As soon as a trend emerges, you should react as quickly as possible and search for products related to this trend or even create them yourself. The faster you are the more money you will earn. No matter what type of dropshipping you do you should always be aware of trends. Especially if you have the goal to earn a lot of money within a short time.

One of the best examples was Fidget Spinners. This hype arose in early 2017 and had enormous exception. Some store owners achieved 6-7 digit sales only through this product. The first ones made by far the most money with this trend and that worldwide.

At the same time, thousands of dropshippers tried to build on the success of those first stores, but only lost money. They were simply too late and had missed the trend. The majority of the stores that sold the product only made losses.

As quickly and aggressively as the trend came, it was over again. Therefore, timing and catching trends is one of the most important factors when it comes to Winning Products.

Numbers decide – emotions do not

Another important aspect when it comes to dropshipping and finding winning products is definitely the attitude towards the whole process. Just as in trading with shares, it is always the numbers that decide and nothing else. It doesn’t matter what you think of a product yourself. It has to sell.

In numerous Shopify Facebook groups and forums, there are numerous dropshippers asking the same questions over and over again. “I have a sure winning product but it’s not selling”. But it’s only a winning product if it sells for sure, not if you think it is.

In the end, numbers always decide whether the product works and not whether you think it’s cool yourself or judge it by “feeling”. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to always go by data and numbers and not try to guess something.

A strategic approach always makes more sense than decisions based on feelings or emotions.

Copyright Infringement and Copyright

No matter how well a product sells, you should never infringe the copyright of others. This can be very expensive, especially if you have already recorded high sales. Therefore, it is important to always consider this point in advance.

In the case of copyright infringement or copyright infringement, the companies in question may not only demand a penalty payment, but may also demand a further share of the revenue generated to date.

This can be very expensive and therefore you should go as far as possible to always respect the copyright or registered trademark rights of other manufacturers. There are enough legal ways to find and sell good products.

The best methods at a glance

Here are the best methods at a glance to quickly get potential products that are highly likely to sell well. These methods can be tested and performed independently. But they are also particularly effective in combination.

Product research is by no means set in stone and every successful dropshipper has their own strategy. This is an overview of the most popular methods that currently work best.

Ad Spying

The first method to find potential products is spotting ads. Through tools as well as certain tricks, you can screen Facebook and Co. and find High Performing Ads with Winning Products. Here is an overview of the best methods to do lucrative dropshipping.

Facebook Ad Filter

The Facebook filter search is a very simple trick to spy successful products. For example, if you own a German store, it makes sense to look for products that are already selling very well in the US.

To do this, simply use the Facebook search function and enter the term “ORDER NOW” and filter by photos or videos. As a rule, video ads work better and the probability of finding good products is higher. The result is a list of ads that have an incredible reach.

All these videos or posts are promotional videos for certain products that you can find almost all on AliExpress or DH Gate. The reason why this trick works is that these products already work at other stores. If that were not the case, they would not be advertised so excessively.

If a video already has +100K views and has several hundred comments, this works extremely well. Otherwise, the advertiser would not continue to advertise it.

This means that you get products that 99% of the time already work for others and the probability that they will also sell in your own store is very high if you master the most important points in terms of advertising and store optimization.

Facebook Filter Hack

If you don’t believe that, you can copy the Bitly link in the post and enter it again in your browser with a plus to get all the statistics and see how many times it has been clicked. In addition, you can see whether the product is currently still getting clicks if it is advertised for a longer period of time. Sometimes it can be that if the post is older than 3 months, the market saturates and the sales quickly collapse again.

For example, this watch has been selling consistently very well for 3 months so there is still potential to sell this product itself. The market in view of these data is not saturated.

EXTRA TIP: You can go to similiarweb.com, create an account and view even more data about the store. This way, you can find other products that may get a lot of traffic and thus be successfully advertised. You can also “steal” these products, find them on AliExpress and list them in your own store.

Turbo Ad Finder

The Facebook Feed Hack for Ads ties in directly with the first tip and can be combined with it. This hack is incredibly quick to implement and you also get potentially successful ads quickly.

For this, you simply need to search for and install the Chrome Extention “Turbo Ad Finder” in the Chrome Store. After that, this app can be found in the browser and you only have to activate it when you are on Facebook.

The function of this app is very simple. It simply filters Facebook for ads and you only get ads in the feed no organic posts. Thus, you have a complete overview of all the ads you get and that within a few seconds.

Then, as in the previous step, you filter out the ads with the highest engagement or reach and analyze them for potential products that you find on AliExpress.

Turbo Ad Finder

Of course, you can also evaluate the Bitly links again and then analyze the store via Similiar Web. This also brings us back to other potential products.

drop point

Another way to find lucrative ads is Drop Point Site. With this tool, it is again possible to find the best ads and spy on lucrative products. With various filters you can filter Facebook for viral ads and find the products and stores behind them. However, you have to pay for the full version.

Drop Point Site

Store Spying

Store spying is another method to find successful products. Most stores don’t have their lists hidden and so you can easily filter for Bestselling Products, which also have the most sales volume according to Shopify.


For this, there is again a decidedly handy plugin for Google Chrome. The extention is called Intelligynce and can scan Shopify stores for the best products and as well as other interesting features.

Well-known Shopify dropshipping stores that you can and should peruse regularly include:




You can also simply add the URL extension /sort_by=best-selling to the desired Shopify store to sort the products by sales volume. However, this is not always possible.

Dropship Spy

Another effective method to spy on other store and find lucrative products is Dropship Spy. The tool from the USA allows to effectively screen other stores and provides important data around the performance of competitors’ products. It also provides suggestions for potential winning products which can be found on AliExpress.

Dropship Spy


The British YouTuber and dropshipper “Realistic Entrepreneur” has meanwhile developed his own software for product research that is specifically designed for e-commerce.

This software constantly crawls the Internet for new trends and potential winning products with already increasing sales volume. In addition, you can screen competing dropshipping stores and scan for successful products. Thus, you always have your direct competition in view and can steal potential products and scale faster.

Another function is the Infuencer Search Mode with which you can additionally search for suitable influencers for promotion.

Dropshipping Spy

Trend Hunting

As described before, trends are ideal to earn a lot of money in a short time and to profit from the initially high margins. That’s why it’s always important to look for new products and catch trends early.

Google Trends

As shown above, Google is an incredibly good tool to analyze current trends and find new ones. Through the data you get, you can better estimate how long a product will live or how much future it has.

In addition, you get new ideas and suggestions on emerging trends and are thus always up to date with new developments and movements of the market.

One should always refer to Google Trends to get a better global picture of certain products or industries. Thus, one gets a better overall picture of the situation.

Massage Gun Google Trends


The first place to look for trends is always Kickstarter. In addition, you can see which products are already selling very well before they are on the market and which are not. As mentioned above, time is the most important factor especially when it comes to trends.

Kickstarter is the first place to look for trends and you get a lot of ideas for potential Winning Products. In some cases, these projects were found before the end of the campaign. You can’t have more proof that the product is a winning product.

Now you can go to AliExpress and search for this product. However, you are much less likely to find this product immediately. Sometimes you also need to contact manufacturers of similar products and have the product made on demand.

This method is therefore a bit more complicated and not as easy to implement as the previous variants, but you can potentially make a lot of money with it.


Another website that features new and trendy products daily is Thieve.co. This site searches specifically also popular products on the Internet and sometimes even adds the links to the respective manufacturer on AliExpress.

You can definitely find one or the other winning product on Thieve.co or at least get inspired. Even though this site is becoming more and more popular, it is currently still an insider’s tip for good products.

In addition, the site is free, you can filter targeted categories and the selection of products is very high.


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Learning – Course Recommendation

If you want to start dropshipping and find Winning Products it is definitely recommended to buy a course. The time and money you save by avoiding many mistakes are definitely worth it. We definitely recommend buying a German course, as the legal situation is different here than in the USA. Our specific recommendation falls on the BRANDED DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY.

The knowledge of professionals with years of experience in German-speaking countries accelerates your own success curve enormously. Just like in any other field, you should be willing to invest in knowledge before you get started. This saves a lot of time, money and, among other things, frustration. However, if you are interested in building a successful business with dropshipping then the investment is definitely worth it.


Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models currently available, and rightly so. E-commerce figures have been rising for years and the trend is unstoppable. More and more people are buying products online.

However, in order to participate in this market, it is important to know it very well. Especially when it comes to effectively finding products that can potentially sell very well.

The more strategically you approach the whole thing and the more research you do the more successful you will be. Because numbers are much more valuable than feelings and emotions when it comes to successfully running an online store. You should never be guided by your own wishes and ideas but always act based on facts and figures.

One of the most important points is the constant analysis of trends and markets. Because the earlier you recognize certain market movements the more successful you will be and the faster you can earn money.

Additional tip: To be able to dropship successfully, you need a very good Shopify store with an exceptionally good web design. We have been offering this for years to companies from Graz, Vienna, Dubai and the rest of the world.