Get more Instagram followers – Free guide with hacks

This is a guaranteed way to get more Instagram followers.

Want to get more followers on Instagram? Then just follow our guide because we have examined the best growth hacks and growth strategies for Instagram, tested and summarized here for you.

Don’t leave anything to chance but take a strategic approach to building your Instagram account. Instagram is a platform based on a smart algorithm. Whoever understands this has the decisive advantage when it comes to building more followers and increasing the reach.

Basic requirement

To be successful on Instagram there are a few basic things you should understand. Based on these basics, the following tips and steps to effectively get more reach and build followers. So let’s start with the most important points:

The algorithm

Instagram, like any other platform, has an algorithm. Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and other social networks are also subject to an artificial intelligence or algorithm that decides which posts get how much reach.

This is important to note in that this algorithm determines everything that happens on Instagram. If we know and understand it better we can grow faster. But it also comes to there are regular updates and the algorithm can also change. That’s why it’s even more important to constantly stay up to date with the algorithm.


There are now many people who live full-time from Instagram and other social networks accordingly high is the competition. You should be aware that you should invest some time in it to grow really fast.

Just posting once a week and hoping something will move on its own is unrealistic. You should be aware that Instagram and also other platforms have now become real professions. Therefore, you should also put some time or seriousness into the day. The more the better. The more active you are, the better, because Instagram rewards activity.


It’s not only important to invest time in Instagram in the beginning, but also to work on it in the long run and constantly try to improve. Perseverance is the be-all and end-all when it comes to personal branding or social media marketing.

Many people forget that the biggest Instagrammers and YouTubers have shared thousands of photos and videos on average over the years. This is exactly the attitude with which you should approach the whole thing. Even if it goes a little faster with the right tricks and tips you should be aware that it is a long-term process.

However, those who persevere will be rewarded and can definitely still build a great Instagram account. It’s certainly not too late to start and grow up in 2019.


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Get Instagram followers – tutorial

Here’s the ultimate step by step guide to getting more followers on Instagram. Of course, this is not set in stone but should be followed as closely as possible to maximize success and grow as quickly as possible.

The right niche

In (online) marketing, defining the positioning and choosing the right niche is by far the most important step to get started. Specifically, it’s about determining what topic you want to post about and who you want to reach.

The more specific the better because there are different interest groups on Instagram and Instagram also assigns accounts to certain groups. Therefore, it is important to define this at the beginning and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I mainly post about?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What exactly does my target group look like?

You have to answer these questions for yourself before you get started with Instagram. Here are a few examples of positioning to better understand.

Fitness > Fitness for women > Achieve bikini figure

Fashion > Men’s Fashion > Streetstyle

Food > Healthy cuisine > Vegan cuisine

Entertainment > Gaming > Fortine Streaming

Of course, you can be more precise, but you should first define the main category and then define subcategories in two or three further steps. This allows you to define your performance very precisely. This is important because, as mentioned above, Instagram assigns accounts to certain groups and also shows them increasingly to these groups.

Regardless of the form of marketing, you should always specialize in a primary target group that you have defined beforehand. This is the basis for successful growth both online and offline.

Content is king

After you have thought about and defined your positioning, it is time to produce the right content. Instagram is a very visual platform and that’s why it’s especially important to emphasize high quality.

Producing high-quality content in the form of photos and videos is also sometimes one of the most time-consuming tasks when it comes to building an Instagram. Professional equipment as well as the necessary know-how are standard for great Instagramer.

The requirements have increased enormously in recent years and we recommend to really invest in good equipment from the beginning or at least a smartphone of the newer generation for photos and videos. to use.

The right equipment

In order to be able to create high-quality content, appropriate equipment is necessary. Most professional Instagrammers already shoot with full-frame cameras and prefer them to smartphones. Of course, you can also start with a smartphone of the newer generation, e.g. iPhone X. In good light, this is sufficient at the beginning.

However, if you want more, you should get a system camera right away. We clearly recommend the Sony Alpha A6300. It is incredibly flexible to use, small and the quality is exceptionally good.

That may sound exaggerated, but the standards are already so high that simple photos are simply not enough in the long run and you quickly reach the limit. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that should be made. The quality of the photos is ultimately decisive and Instagram recognizes with which camera and in which resolution the photos were taken.

If you don’t know anything about photography yet, you should definitely watch some tutorials on YouTube or ask a photographer friend. Because the best camera in the world is useless if you can’t handle it. Therefore, you should definitely learn to take pictures to get the best out of the camera.

Software & Apps

After that, it’s time to edit the images. There are already numerous apps that can make your life easier. Snapseed is a great place to start. This app can brighten certain areas of the photo, helps crop and correct the most important parameters such as contrast, saturation


It’s a helpful and simple app when you first just start your smartphone and want to make simple corrections. Moreover, the software is free and very intuitive to use.

The next app you should definitely own is Facetune. If you like bright and clean photos, you should definitely use Facetune, because this app helps turn gray into white and beautifies many photos. Especially in the beauty and fashion sector, Facetune is very popular and often used. Rightly so, because this app is also very easy to use and you quickly achieve the desired results.

Another app that many should or must already know is VSCO. The most popular filter app provides numerous ready-made filter packs. Some of them are paid, but others you can get for free. It’s the easiest and fastest way to give Instagram photos a certain look.

Here is an example of a feed obtained using VSCO:

Vsco filter

Again, you get good results very quickly. The app is very simple, especially at the beginning, and is ideal for starting to give your photos a consistent look.

This is especially important because it gives the whole account a certain branding. The more uniform, the more recognition value the entire profile has. You should think of your account like a brand. The brand stands for certain values and content and presents itself accordingly to the outside world.

However, if you want to get the most out of your content, you should get a good camera and Lightroom for photos. With Lightroom from Adobe, you can edit the photos extensively and give them a certain look. People often talk about Lightroom presets. These presets are often offered for sale by big Instagrammers and bloggers. Basically, these are nothing more than presets that you can load when you open the presets. So filters for Lightroom to put it simply.

Lightroom is technically a bit more demanding, but if you want to be successful with Instagram in the long run, you should definitely get to grips with the software.

Added value

In addition to the visual aesthetics, the content should of course also offer added value to a certain extent and in accordance with the industry. This means that readers or followers must get some added value from the profile’s content. These can be, for example, practical tips on losing weight, recipes or other useful content.

The greater the added value the better. After all, you only follow accounts that offer added value and help you to a certain extent. This should also be the goal of the account. You should constantly think about how to produce even more valuable content.


The best content is of no use if you have it on your hard disk or hide it. The goal should be to publish high-quality content as regularly as possible. There is no fixed number but at least 4 x week is the absolute minimum to achieve any growth at all.

Instagram thrives on activity. Ideally, you should publish an Instagram feed post once a day and also announce it in your Story. The more active you are, the more Instagram pushes your account. Of course, you should not overdo it and always pay attention to the quality but activity pays off.

Stories should come more often, of course. You can do 5-10 stories a day and go live every few days. Instagram also rewards this type and activity. Those who publish several stories a day also keep their followers up to date and build trust. This is a psychological principle that if you see a person only often enough he becomes more interesting and you become more familiar with him.

More reach through hashtags, geotags and tags

There are, of course, a few more tricks and pushing the reach of feed posts and stories. The following aspects should be considered if you want to maximize your reach:

with the photos should be mandatory. They help Instagram understand the photo better and also increase the likelihood of getting into the Explored Page. This is especially helpful to reach many users in a short time. But caution is advised here. Anyone who uses too many hashtags is considered spammy. Ideally, you should use 5-15 hashtags that describe the image as well as possible. You can either put them in the image description or post them collected as the first comment below. This usually looks better. Here’s an example of relevant hashtags related to fitness.

Instagram tags

Also with
Instagram Stories
you should definitely use a handful of hashtags to be able to increase your reach. You can also pull them smaller so that you almost do not see them. A small but practical hack.

Ideally, choose a mix of large hashtags that already have a lot of search volume and posts and smaller ones. These have a lower volume, but competition is lower and it is easier to get into the Explored Page. That is ultimately the goal of every post.

Geotags are incredibly important for both Stories and feed posts. Thus, one has the possibility to get into the local Explore page and get under the posts under the particular location. However, geotags should always be true, because Instagram recognizes exactly where you are. Therefore, always specify only the place where you are currently located. Photos posted later from the vacation with the associated location can also be ranked lower, since you are no longer in that location. Therefore always use current geotags. Also in the stories.

Markers can be downright annoying but incredibly effective. You can tag other accounts and users on every post or story. Intuitively, of course, you only do this if the person in question can also be seen in the photo or video. But you can also tag bigger influencers that you’ve been following for a while and are also from the same industry in the photos. This draws their attention to the account in question and increases the likelihood that they will interact with or even follow the post. Of course, you should not overdo it and only do it in moderation. You always want to avoid annoying these people.

Instagram tags

This photo is a very good example of using the right tags and markup. The geotag was chosen to match the location where the image was taken. Namely Hollywood. In addition, many Travel Pages and Travel Influencers were tagged. Thus, the probability of engagement and possibly even shoutouts from these pages increases. In addition, a few very good hashtags were placed in the comments, which helped the image to gain additional reach.

Torben Platzer is anyway a very good example of how to build an Instagram account effectively and in as short a time as possible. He’s already at just under 80K followers and the engagement on the individual posts is incredibly high. In some cases up to 10%.


In addition to the feed and daily content, the bio is also incredibly important. It gives information about the account, the person behind it and makes curious. In the end, just as a good override should be.

Here’s an example from Austrian fitness influencer Anna Engelschall…. She has a very fitting Instagram description and you know immediately what it’s about.

Additionally, you can use Story Highlights to highlight noteworthy events and happenings, such as recipes or travel locations you’ve visited. This makes the whole profile much more attractive.

Let’s Socialize

Instagram is a social network and the more social we are the more we get back. Specifically, the more actively we interact with other users, the more likely we are to get something in return.

Of course, this should happen in an honest and authentic way. After all, we want honest engagement on our posts.

Get new followers

The best way is to actively search for influencers or other users from the same industry or niche, follow them and start interacting. Interacting means liking, commenting and following. If you do this long enough in an authentic way, you will get feedback accordingly. This is again a psychological trick and is called Law Of Reciprocity – the law of interaction.

Keep current followers

In addition, you should always be aware of the
Instagram followers
that you already have. By actively asking questions in the story or in the posts, you can motivate or prompt them to interact. From a follower’s point of view, you feel much more involved in the account and also develop more interest in the person interacting with you.

As soon as you receive comments, you should also respond to them. Ideally liken and answer.

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Extra Tips & Hack

There are a few extra tips and tricks you can use to quickly get new followers on Instagram. Here is an overview of the best additional methods.

Engagement Groups

If you’re already friends with several influencers from the same niche, it’s worth building an engagement group. Engagement is ultimately one of the most important factors when it comes to the algorithm. Instagram measures how much engagement we get within the first 30 minutes and then decides if the post is really good or not.

So it makes sense to join with others and create an engagement group (ideally on Telegram) and inform each other about new posts so you can interact right away (like, comment & save). This pushes the photo in the rankings enormously.

The more followers the other accounts in the engagement group have, the more you benefit. For really big influencers, we also talk about Power Likes.

Paid Shoutouts

Another method to increase your reach and gain new followers is to buy shoutouts. There are large Themed Pages on a wide variety of topics. You can use these to buy appropriate shoutouts.

But beware: Some charge too much money for it and you only get fake likes or fake traffic.

Photo vs. video

Currently, videos perform slightly better than photos. Thus, it makes sense to post more videos. The reason is quite simple. The longer someone looks at our post, the more relevant it is to Instagram. Watch Time is just like YouTube in important factor to rank better on fast.

Slideshow Posts

This aspect for us to the next point and that is slideshow posts. Also they make the user spend more time on our posting and significantly increase the watch time. Thus, Instagram ranks our content more relevant again and we rank better with our posts.

Moreover, you can perfectly post longer content like tutorials or recipes using slideshow videos. You can split a 4 minute video into 4 posts.

With a workout video, for example, you can then include the best exercises for a six pack in one post. This is not only practical but also very beneficial for the user.

Followers Delete

However, it is also important to delete Instagram followers regularly. This may sound paradoxical, but inactive accounts (so-called ghost or fake accounts) hurt the engagement rate. This should be as high as possible as described above. Therefore, you should definitely use software that detects these accounts and blocks them automatically. We recommend IG Cleaner.

Buy followers

Buying Instagram followers is absolutely not recommended. Mostly you only get dead accounts with fake profiles which do not interact in any way. Thus, these are not only worthless but can also harm the account quality. Even if it is promised that the accounts are active, it is better to leave them alone. Most of the time, these are scammers.


If you want to grow on Instagram, you should really set this as a serious goal and be willing to invest time in your account every day. Competition is fierce, and for some, Instagram alone has become a full-time job.

In addition, you should pay close attention to new trends and updates. This also applies to the algorithm. Instagram is constantly changing and you should move with the times if you want to be successful.

Before you decide to get started, you should think about your appearance and positioning. This should be well chosen and thought through.

After that, it’s a matter of patiently sharing quality content over a long period of time and constantly interacting with other people. The more active you are on Instagram the better. That means posting photos several times a week, doing daily stories, and also interacting with others every day, or as they say in new German, “engagen.”

Then it is only a matter of time until you grow. At first, it will probably be a little slower than you imagine. But no one has become an Instagram star overnight.