Instagram Hashtags: For lots of likes, comments & reach + generator

The best Instagram hashtag tricks for growth.
Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks and now has nicely over 1 billion users. The competition is fierce and it is becoming increasingly difficult to assert oneself. One method to generate more reach are hashtags. Through them, you can more easily get to the Explore Page on certain topics and reach thousands more people in one fell swoop.How to do this and how to best use hashtags, we explain in this latest tutorial for Instagram Hashtags 2021. In addition, we answer frequently asked questions and clarify misunderstandings that arise when it comes to the topic of hashtags. Here’s the ultimate guide and best practices to get more likes with the right hashtags
Get more reach on Instagram
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What do hashtags need for?

Instagram, like any other platform, is based on an algorithm. This ultimately decides which posts you and others can see. Previously, everything was chronological, but due to the updates, some things have changed and it has become a bit complicated. The algorithm divides Instagram users into different groups of people with different interests. In addition, this also evaluates the relevance of certain posts and ranks them accordingly.

There are many aspects that affect the algorithm, among them fall hashtags. They provide information about the image and their own interest. If an image has hashtags, it is easier for Instagram to assign this image to a certain target group and possibly display it to them. Specifically, it speaks of higher relevance for certain interest group and it also increases the likelihood of landing on the Explore Page.

Therefore, you should definitely use hashtags if you want to get the maximum out of the reach and as a result, many likes.

Instagram Hashtags Guide

Instagram regularly updates its algorithm and accordingly you should stay up to date yourself. This guide refers to the latest Instagram algorithm in 2021 which is already completely different from 2018. Accordingly, a best practices and tricks have also changed. This guide will help you get the most out of your Instagram account.

Find hashtags

But how do you find the right Instagram hashtags for lots of likes and maximum reach? Basically, there are several ways how to get very good hashtags. Here is an overview of

Stealing” hashtags – An easy way to get suitable backlinks is to simply steal them from other Instagrammers. Most of the time, people already follow successful accounts from the same industry themselves and can thus easily pick up relevant hashtags. This trick is particularly simple and one of the first ways to get new hashtags or get inspired.

Suggested Related Hashtag – If you have already found matching hashtags, you can enter them in the search to get new hashtags. The so-called Suggested Related Hashtags are suggested by Instgram and are mostly matching similar hashtags. This function helps to find especially smaller hashtags with less competition.

Observe trends – As soon as certain trends develop on Instagram or on the Internet, it doesn’t take long for the appropriate hashtags to appear. These increase virality and are like spirit for an already lit fire. You should also use this for yourself and therefore always pay attention to trends. Trendy hashtags are usually still quite “underused” but have high potential for a short time. Thus, if you are always among the first, you can ride trend waves. Of course, only if they fit the content at all and are also organic.

Branded Hashtags – In addition, it is also worth creating hashtags yourself. So-called branded hashtags increase the reach and awareness of the brand. Of course, Instagram itself also notices when many other users use the hashtag of the brand and consequently boosts the account. So if you already have a certain reach and are actively building it up, you should definitely use branded hashtags.

PRO TIP: Hashtags with less search volume or that have not been used so often usually have less competition. Thus, with such hashtags, it is easier to get into the top trends or top hashtags as well as Explore Page. Therefore, it’s best to choose a mix of popular hashtags with high volume and smaller ones with less competition. On the one hand, this works organically, but also makes sense for the algorithm.

How many hashtags?

The number of hashtags is also sometimes crucial. In the past, more helps more and whoever used all 30 hashtags achieved the maximum reach. Meanwhile, this is no longer the case because too many have used this tactic and exaggerated. Instagram has recognized this and now considers it spam. Therefore, it is generally better if you use fewer hashtags, but they are very well chosen. As a rule, it makes sense to use a maximum of 10-15 hashtags per post.

Position hashtags

Once you have made the right choice of hashtags, you need to position them appropriately to achieve maximum reach. However, again, the more organic the better. You should not copy all the hashtags in the comments and try to hide them. Rather, you should let them flow naturally into the caption or at least place them at the end of the caption of the post.

Torben Platzer Instagram Hashtags

If you like to make Instagram Stories, you should definitely use hashtags there as well. There is a small but very effective trick. By making the hashtags smaller, you can very easily make them disappear, but the Instagram algorithm still evaluates them. Thus, you can hide annoying hashtags which may be distracting for the viewers very elegantly.Meanwhile, you can also give hashtag in the profile description and you should do that. For example, if you are interested in certain topics and already have them in your bio, you should put the corresponding hashtags right in front of them. As a fitness account, for example: #fitness #bodybuilding #health. However, one can and should be even more specific. For example #foodie #vegan #veganfoodblogger

Analyze hashtags

If you have already followed the most important tips and have followed a strategy for a few days, ideally a few weeks, you should also evaluate it. In online marketing, analyzing and evaluating data is essential to grow and improve. There are already some tools with which this is possible. These show specifically with which hashtags you reached the most people and ultimately achieved the most engagement.

The TalkWalker tool is recommended here. It is a comprehensive tool for analyzing various data from many social media accounts including Instagram hashtags.


For business profiles, however, there is also the option to display certain statistics for hashtags under “Insights”. Companies in particular can therefore benefit from switching to a business account. Very handy and of course free since it’s already integrated into the Instagram app.

Hashtag generator

Digital marketing in 2021 and onwards is based more and more on data which is analyzed by AIs (artificial intelligence). Data-based marketing is becoming more accurate and better. But you don’t have to be a developer to use this technology. Currently, there are already first software which supports this.


However, an ingenious overall Instagram tool is
. Instgram automation software enables a variety of options for Instagram marketing. This can be incredibly handy when you’re first working on growing your account and also working professionally with Instagram. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Automation of engagement (Like, Comment, Follow /Unfollow)
  • Post / Feed Schedule & Post Automatically
  • Hashtag generator
  • Analytics (growth & performance data)

It thus enables a variety of functions and provides relevant data on the growth of the account. We have been using Ingramer for a few months and are absolutely satisfied with it.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

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Avoid at all costs

There are a few things you should avoid at all costs to avoid being penalized by Instagram. Because Instagram has meanwhile become very finicky about certain practices (which used to be considered the ultimate growth hacks) due to the large number of users. In the worst case, it can even lead to a shadow ban if not followed. The following things should thus be avoided at all costs.


Spamy behavior should be avoided at all costs. Any kind of spam is not tolerated by Instagram, and of course that includes hashtags. Specifically, he said, this should be done without the following:

  • Always use the same hashtags
  • Use all 30 hashtags
  • Hide hashtags in the comments
  • Use inappropriate hashtags (not matching the content)

Copy generic hashtags

On the Internet, you can often find lists which supposedly provide the best hashtags for certain topics. Mostly it’s the TOP 30 Instagram hashtags for XY for lots of likes. However, such lists should only be seen as inspiration and not copied 1:1. Because this is also considered spammy behavior and not after as a natural choice of hashtags.

Flagged hashtags

This point should be self-evident but nevertheless it is emphasized here again. Flagged hashtags or hashtags that are on Instagram’s red list should of course be avoided. This can lead not only to the ban of the post but of the whole account. Among them are sexist, inflammatory and other hashtags.

Extra tip: Geo Tags

In addition, it is recommended to use geotags in all photos, stories and possibly also in the bio. This also helps Instagram to better attribute the content and possibly rank it in the top posts for that location. However, it is important to post on the spot and not later. In addition, you should also not use false geotags.

Instagram is very meticulous about this to avoid any deception or manipulation by growth marketers. Therefore, always use organic and authentic Geo Tags to get the most out of it.


In our experience, hashtags are still very important and through these tags alone you can get a lot more out of the account or the individual post. Therefore, it is essential to deal with the right choice or use of hashtags. Because in times like these, every little optimization pays off.

However, it is also important to pay attention to the fundamentally most important aspects in order to derive any benefit at all. Specifically, this refers to the quality and relevance of the content (photos, videos, captions, etc.). These are the basis and can not only compensate for good hashtags but rather strengthen them. So if you try to push bad content through hashtag optimization, you won’t have much success.


In summary, hashtags are still an effective tool to generate more reach. The Instagram algorithm reads and evaluates these and you thus increase the chances that you will get into the Explore Page. However, there are a few points that you should always keep in mind to not even be negatively evaluated by the hashtags. You should always choose the hashtags to match the image and make sure that you do not choose too many of them. “Less is More” and only a few appropriate hashtags are usually better than too many. You can find the right Instagram hashtags by simply browsing the accounts of others with similar content.

Instagram hates spammy behavior and that’s why you should hold back in terms of numbers and also switch hashtags more often or use synonyms. Organic behavior has proven to be very successful in practice. Those who try to over-optimize will usually have less success.