Instagram Story: The 5 best hacks for viral IG Stories + Software

Here's how to get the most out of your Instagram Stories.
Instagram copied Snapchat’s main feature a few years ago, and now Stories are an integral part of Instagram. Some even claim that Instagram Story has completely replaced Snapchat. But what’s the hype around stories all about and how do I create effective stories with a lot of reach?

Here’s the ultimate guide to the perfect Instagram Story and how to use the feature to
gain more reach
. Moreover, in addition to the TOP 7 Instagram Hacks, we also answer the most frequently asked questions about Instastories such as saving / downloading, reposting / sharing and much more.

What is an Instagram Story?

A short explanation: An Instagram Story is a post that is displayed in the Story section for 24 hours only. Instagram Stories are mostly between 5 seconds (image) and 15 seconds (video) long. After 24 hours, however, these are deleted again. The idea behind it is to share spontaneous and current moments and also to be able to interact quickly with followers. Some also use the abbreviated term Instastory for this.

Originally, Snapchat became known for this feature and it is still the core function of the app. However, Instagram now offers the same functionality and you can also create Stories on Instagram for a few years now. Meanwhile, more and more interactive elements and filters are added which make the “Instagram Story” function more and more interesting.

Instagram Story

Instatories are particularly popular with younger people. But also companies should use the story function to interact with users or customers and build a relationship. Instagram Stories can be a very effective tool when it comes to building reach and followers. Moreover, you strengthen the relationship with the already existing followers.

Instagram Story TOP 7 Hacks

However, not all Instastories are created equal. There are a few things to keep in mind or hacks you can use to get more reach and interactions. Here’s an overview of the best hacks to create more better Instagram Stories and potentially go viral. Let’s tell a story.

Use tags (hashtags, geotags, people…)

One of the most important hacks is using tags. These help Instagram better understand Stories and associate their content. In addition, the tags create the possibility of being found by others, because you can search Instagram by tags.

One of the most important tags is definitely the hashtag. You can easily insert 5-10 hashtags matching the story via text and drag them very small. So small that you can hardly see them anymore. So the photos are tagged but you can hardly see the tags visually. The best hashtags are those that really fit the story and describe it.

Next, you should use geotags (if relevant). These should definitely match the current location, since Instagram naturally recognizes where you really are. Especially for events or city tips / stays you should definitely use location tags to be found by local users. Again, these can potentially be scaled small.

In addition, you should also tag other users who appear in the story or for whom the story is relevant. Thus, on the one hand, they get a notification to view the story. On the other hand, they also have the possibility to share the story on their own story. Thus, the range is multiplied enormously for several people. However, the names should remain large so that viewers can click on them and the linking also makes sense.

Product recommendation: Autogramer – The best tool to generate hashtags and analyze performance. If you want to build your Instagram effectively, you should know exactly which Instagram hashtags bring you the most reach and which ones will get you into the Explore Page.

Ingramer Hashtag Generator

Ask questions

Social networks love interactions and the algorithms usually evaluate the quality or relevance of the posts according to the interaction rate. That’s why you should also make sure that the interaction rate for Instagram Stories is particularly high, which you can achieve by asking questions, among other things.

However, asking questions is important not only for the algorithm but also for the followers themselves. Because by asking questions, you have the opportunity to build a bond with your followers and offer them a certain feeling of closeness and communication. As an influencer, you should never be too aloof, but rather always make sure to communicate and interact with users as directly as possible.

Instagram Story Questions

Then you can share the questions and also answer them directly. So you can easily design Q&As on Instagram. Ideally, you should create a small Q&A at least once or twice / month to stay in touch or interact with your followers. It doesn’t matter if you answer questions twice from time to time, because you are constantly (ideally) gaining new followers.

Let vote

Another way to interact with users is to ask your own questions. In doing so, you can ask followers a question and give them two choices. This gives followers the feeling that they have a say in the decision-making process. You can ask trivial questions (e.g. What kind of ice cream should I eat? Chocolate vs. vanilla) but also serious topics (e.g. Are you going to the national elections this time? Yes or No).

Instagram Stories

But you can also do polls via voting barometer. For example, you can have certain things / events evaluated by sliding the slider. This is also particularly popular at the moment and ensures interaction. These types of polls can and should be done quietly on a daily basis.


Storytelling is an important point in marketing and, as the name suggests, should also be a key element of Instagram Stories. You can use the function to obtain from certain hourly, daily or general current events. For example, with events or certain happenings, it is particularly worthwhile to share these via stories and to achieve from them.

But also long-term updates that continue over weeks via stories to share makes sense. For example, a 30 day 6 pack challenge or the conversion of a house / car / etc.. Also travel scih for this very well. Thus, the followers can constantly achieve and continue the story, so that they are always excited about future stories.

Swipe up / Click Through

But a certain number of followers (+10K) you also have the possibility to use Instagram Stories for linking. With the Swipe Up function, you can link directly to other websites, YouTube videos or other relevant content. Click Through Link, on the other hand, allows you to link to posts. This makes especially a lot of sense for new Instagram posts to keep engagement high in the first minutes and thus increase the reach. This kind of story is only possible with 10k followers or more, but it is very important and useful.

Frequency / Activity

Instagram Stories are very spontaneous and short(-term). That’s why you should keep the frequency high compared to the feed posts. Daily stories are almost a must. You should make it a habit to share stories daily. Of course, you should not overdo it and share +30 stories every day, because that is already very spamy. But you can bring a handful of relevant stories. Depending on the day / event also more or less.

Be creative

Ultimately, creativity is one of the most important factors when it comes to Instagram Stories. You should always try to use the latest features of Instagram’s Stories and also use them in a creative way. Ultimately, the stories are also primarily about entertainment or short-term entertainment. Boring monologues are rather unsuitable, that’s what IGTV is for. Therefore, you should always be careful to be creative and not to limit yourself too much. Using Instagram Stories, you can and should also test and try out new things.

Instagram makes this easy in that it is constantly adding new features and filters. Ideally, you should always be the first to use new features. On the one hand, this increases the attention of the viewers (because the function is new). On the other hand, Instagram rewards users who constantly use new features that the platform offers.


Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions regarding Instagram Stories as well as the appropriate answers. Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments below and we will answer them or integrate them into the article on an ongoing basis.

Share / Repost

If you want to share Instagram Stories, it’s relatively easy, because there’s a Share button for that. Using these, you can easily forward Stories to others and share them with friends directly on Instagram. However, if you want to repost stories, you need an app to download/save them. On the desktop, however, you can also do this with Inflact. However, you also get this function with Inflact.

Instagram Story Anonymous View

If you want to view an Instagram Story anonymously, there is a simple trick you can use. You simply load or call the desired profile. Afterwards, you turn on flight mode so that there is no longer a connection and can view the stories. This also works for WhatsApp messages or other services. Just load it and then switch to flight mode before you call it up.


The official Instagram Story format of Instagram is 9:16 so in pixels 900×1600. To achieve optimal results in terms of reach and user experience (both organic and paid story ads) this format should definitely be followed.

Download / Save

Downloading your own Instagram Stories is very easy with one click. Just click on the download icon and you have the story on your smartphone. But using other apps and software, you can save the stories of other users and then send them on or repost them. On the desktop or mobile via the browser, you can easily do this again with Inflact.

Instagram Story Downloader


You can also easily take screenshots of other Instastories. Of course, this only makes sense for photos and not for videos. These screenshots can then be easily shared and sent again. However, unlike Snapchat, you can’t see whether screenshots have been taken or not. This is a potential advantage and provides anonymity.

Video to Story Converter

To be able to share normally recorded videos on Stories, there are again handy apps. They simply split the videos into 15 second videos which you can then upload chronologically to Instagram. Meanwhile, Instagram even offers the function itself. If you have the latest version, you don’t need any extra apps for it.

App / Software

The best app or software currently available for effective Instagram marketing is
. Instagram Bot enables a variety of features including generating hashtags for more reach and downloading Stories.

Ingramer 1

Product recommendation

The Selfie Ring Light makes creating Instagram Stories an absolute breeze, even at night. It can also be incredibly handy during the day for low light or indoor shooting. Simply plug it into your smartphone (no matter which model) and get started. The model below costs just under 10€ and is an absolute bargain.


Instastories are an incredibly important element when it comes to effective Instagram marketing. Not only private users or influencers but also businesses should use Instagram Stories to increase reach and build a relationship with followers. You should always be on top of new trends and features and make sure to share relevant content. In addition, one should always make sure to integrate interactive and communicative elements to keep the engagement high. Stories should definitely be shared daily.