Boote Kamper

Digitization of boating licenses from Boote Kamper.

A view of a city from the deck of a sailboat.
A view of a city from the deck of a sailboat.

Project information

Boote Kamper is one of the most popular schools for boating licenses in Austria. Due to the increasing demand, we decided to optimize the user experience with a new web design as well as digitize numerous processes through web development with Customer Zone. The aging corporate design also received a facelift in keeping with the spirit of the times.

A man studying a map at a table.
A group of people studying at a desk in a classroom.


The challenge was to provide easier usability for the older target group. In addition, the increasing demand often led to problems in the processing, our requirement was an elegant solution for this.

Logo, Boote Kamper
Bootsführerscheinschule Kamper – altes Logo
Boote Kamper transparent png logo.
Bootsführerscheinschule Kamper – Logo Facelift
Logo design for Boote Kamper.


The solution was a completely revised web design, based on the new corporate design, with a focus on intuitive UI / UX design as well as the targeted automation of numerous processes through digitalization.



The result for Boote Kamper is a contemporary, inviting brand presence with a website that impresses with its ease of use and navigation. In addition, customers can now book courses online and manage their course materials themselves.

Website Design for Boote Kamper.
The homepage of Boote Kamper, a wine and wine learning company.

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