Brand Strategy

The strategy as a foundation.

A woman and a man looking at a bulletin board.
A woman and a man looking at a bulletin board.
Working out an authentic brand strategy before moving into implementation is the foundation on which a compelling brand can be built. This individual positioning classifies what the company stands for and where it wants to go. It also helps to really “take a stand.”
What does the brand stand for – and what makes it so strong? With a stable foundation of clearly defined mission, vision, target group, USPs and much more, success becomes more tangible, clearer – and is already a step closer to becoming a reality.


With the right brand architecture to sustainable growth.

Eggenhof - new switzerland hotel & spa.

A unique and clear recognition to differentiate the brand.

A group of people sitting around a table at a Breitling+Partner event and smiling.

The brand story describes how their customers come to a company and a brand.

A green card with a message on it sitting on a rock at Eggenhof.

Elaboration of the brand language that optimally addresses the target group.

Brand positioning determines how much space a company occupies in the minds of its clientele - and how it differentiates itself from its competitors.

How strong is your brand presence?

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