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A green business stationery set on a table, featuring ISTmobil branding.
A green business stationery set on a table, featuring ISTmobil branding.
Mary Neumeier defines a brand as the emotional bond that connects a customer with a product, service or organization. It goes beyond the purely rational consideration and is based on the gut feeling a person feels when interacting with the brand.
Under this guiding principle, we develop holistically unique brands that stand out from the competition and appeal to the right target group. From strategy and design to digitalization and further support, we consider every brand to be exceptional and implement it accordingly.





Through holistic branding strategy, we create consistent and memorable experience for the target audience.


Clear communication in the process is critical to ensure smooth collaboration.


Through effective strategy work and goal setting, we achieve the desired result that meets your expectations.


Due to the individual approach we create tailor-made solutions for your unique brand.



How are unique brands created at Zeitgeist?
Eine Frau sitzt auf einem Stuhl und trägt das Wien-Logo.

Initial consultation

Step 1 // What are your pain points and what makes your brand stand out? In the no-obligation initial consultation, we take the time to understand your brand and your challenges in detail in order to develop solutions and effectively exploit your potential.

Ein Notizbuch und ein Stift neben einem Laptop mit Beispielen und Vorlagen für die Definition eines Leitbilds.

Initial research

Step 2 // Next comes research on our part - we want to better understand your brand and the target market. In doing so, we look at the competition, as well as target group(s). We dive deep to accurately classify the environment around your brand.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen, die mithilfe eines Whiteboards gemeinsam an Branding-Ideen arbeiten.

Strategy workshop

Step 3 // We then go into depth with you in the brand strategy workshop. In doing so, we take a concrete look at all strategic aspects that distinguish your brand. Starting with your vision and mission, your target group and your positioning.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen, die an einer Branding-Tabelle arbeiten.

In-depth research

Step 4 // After the workshop, we conduct in-depth research to substantiate the findings with reliable figures, data and facts from statistics and studies. This gives additional understanding and ensures reference to the real market. Now, together, we have poured a massive foundation to build your brand.

Eine Frau und ein Mann untersuchen eine Pinnwand, auf der die zehn wichtigsten Markenelemente mit einer Erklärung präsentiert werden.


Step 5 // On the strategic basis, we now work out the first visualization of your brand in the form of stylescapes. This involves multiple iterations and coordination until we have found a direction that is in line with the brand strategy, but also with your ideas.

Eine Visitenkarte, Briefpapier und Visitenkarten für PMT.Hinweis: Das Schlüsselwort „fmtt“ ist in der geänderten Beschreibung nicht enthalten.

Corporate Identity

Step 6 // Finally, we work out the corporate identity and create a comprehensive brand manual for it. This serves as a guide and includes all relevant elements such as logos, colors, fonts and application guidelines to ensure that your brand is perceived consistently across all communication channels.


Our customers

Strong brands that trust us.
Das Logo der ANDRITZ AG auf blauem Hintergrund.
Anton Paar-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
App Radar-Logo mit grauem Hintergrund.
B-Zulassungslogo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Logo der Deutschen Bank auf einem Hintergrund.
Logo der Universität Fh Joanneum.
Firstbird-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Kinderhotels-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Magna-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Das Logo der Medizinischen Universität Graz, einer medizinischen Universität in Graz.
Neuroth-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „ofi“, das Leistungen hervorhebt.
Das Sheraton-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund repräsentiert das Sheraton Hotel.
Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „graz“, inspiriert von der Stadt Graz.
Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH.

Customer feedback

Ein Mann im Anzug sitzt an einem Tisch im Kinderhotel.


Kinderhotels has been around for over 40 years and has become a strong brand. Now it was a matter of skilfully developing these further in line with the times and growing with the company. A difficult task, which the Zeitgeist Agency from Vienna mastered with great branding.
Gerhard Stroitz
CEO & Founder
Kinderhotels-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
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Clemens Kohlbacher

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