Branding & website for educational summer camps.

A group of champs with crowns on their heads.
A group of champs with crowns on their heads.

Project information

Champs stands for educational fun and more: the camp aims to enable children and young people to learn more about themselves, their environment and their fellow human beings. Our goal was to create a coherent brand identity including a website as a source of information and booking platform.

Two young champs are playing in the woods.
A group of champs walking down a street.
Two boys are sitting at a table in a championship.


The challenge was to clearly understand the target group for a new start-up with a unique concept and to develop a brand identity including a website for it.

A poster for a children's camp featuring champs on a wooden wall.
A group of champs posing in front of a red ribbon.
The logo for Champs on a background.


The solution was a brand strategy workshop, in which the brand was strategically defined, as well as a multi-stage process for the joint development of the complete corporate identity. Based on this, the website was conceptualized, designed and implemented.



The result is a harmonious CI that appeals to both children and parents (target group). In addition, the most important digital brand expression, the website, was redesigned and implemented.

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