Product video production for an innovative protective article.

A pair of blue toothbrushes on a hygienic black surface.
A pair of blue toothbrushes on a hygienic black surface.

Project information

Hygmask manufactures the first actual anti-virus mask that is reusable and, with replaceable inserts, is less expensive and more environmentally friendly in the long run. By using different valve inserts, it is possible to switch between a mask with virus protection filter and fresh air valves and a mask without valves but with additional external protection.







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The new company needed a video illustrating not only how it works, but also how to assemble it and other positive aspects.
The video should be short and made more visually appealing with a model demonstrating the functions and application.



The final product includes animated motion graphics demonstrating both assembly and airflow. For this purpose, various studio shots were taken and by using special effects, the product was shown in three-dimensional abstraction. Studio footage of the assembly and real life footage of wearing complete the product video.



The result is a product video that explains all the features and the correct use in a short time – both in abstract animated form and using the real-life example.

A video editor wearing a Hygmask.
A screen shot of a video editor with a woman wearing a Hygmask.

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