Beaver Builder in test: functions, themes & prices [Deutsch]

Can Beaver Builder really keep up with Elementor and co?

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular and well-known page builders for WordPress. Meanwhile, the easy-to-install plugin has been on the market for over 5 years. During this time, a lot of development work was done. But how good is the Beaver Builder in practice and compared to other Worpdress page builders really?

We have taken a close look at the page builder from the USA and tested it in practice. All about Beaver Builder and potential alternatives in this comprehensive article.

Functions / Features

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular page builders on the market for a reason. It offers numerous relevant functions and features that make it easy to create pages in practice. Here is an overview of the main benefits you get when you buy Beaver Builder.

Visual Builder

Beaver Builder is a purely visual page builder. Thus, you can edit all elements or entire pages exclusively in the Front End. In addition, of course, you have the possibility to edit the CSS or HTML. But otherwise it’s a purely visual builder based on the “what you see is what you get” principle.


A great advantage of Beaver Builder is its high compatibility with almost any WordPress theme. Elementor only works with a narrow selection of themes (these are exceptionally good for that). Divi works with Elegant Themes anyway, so only with the company’s own themes. However, the Beaver Builder is very open and integrates cleanly with any theme and is extremely compatible. Those who appreciate this flexibility will enjoy the Beaver Builder.

Templates / Themes

Beaver Builder currently comes with over 30 different pre-built themes or templates. You can import these with a mouse click and edit them directly. This is definitely a nice feature but now standard with most builders. Elementor Pro comes with hundreds of demos and templates which is not comparable.

Beaver Builder Templates


The support is currently only available via e-mail and in English. However, you usually get a helpful answer the same day. At Elementor there is live support and also at Divi you are immediately connected to an employee. This can be quite practical in certain situations.

Otherwise, Divi and Elementor comparatively offer a huge knowledge base with blog articles and YouTube videos that answer or solve the most frequently asked questions and problems. The community at Elementor or Divi is also larger and more active. This can be a big advantage in the long run especially if you work with a page builder more often.

Price / Cost

Beaver Builder’s pricing model is relatively simple. There are currently 3 plans which are all very similar and basically offer the same functionality. The only difference from the Standard to Pro or Agency version is the possibility to use the builder on multiple sites with the same settings synchronized and also white labeling. For example, you can easily make setting on one website using Beaver Builder and then synchronize it with other websites.

In addition, the Pro version also comes with a Beaver Builder theme.

Otherwise, you can already use the standard package on several websites.

Beaver Builder Cost

For agencies it can make sense to use the agency package, because it allows white labeling. This is of course very appealing to the end customer if the agency itself can bring logos and branding into the framework or builder. But for that you pay $399 / year which is a bit steep. However, after one year the license becomes 40% cheaper. So those who use in the long term save money.

Moreover, there is free trial version as well as 30 days money back guarantee. This means that the risk is kept within reasonable limits.


In the last few months alone, a lot has happened in the market due to the increasing popularity of WordPress. Currently, Beaver Builder is one of the best page builders, but there are other comparable alternatives, some of which are even cheaper. Here is an overview of the current best page builders on the market for WordPress websites.

Visual Composer

Everyone has heard about the good old
WPBakery Page Builder
heard of. In the meantime, this has evolved into Visual Composer. A good page building tool with numerous pre-built themes, pages and elements. However, price-wise only interesting for a web project. If you want to realize 3 or more projects it gets really expensive and you pay over $349 per year. Compared to Divi or Elementor, this is much more expensive and you hardly get any added value. In the price-performance rating, therefore, unfortunately not place #1.


Divi Builder by Elegant Themes has been another popular builder on the market for years. This only works with the
Divi Themes
from Elegant Themes and is therefore not compatible with other themes. However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, as the selection of themes from Elegant Themes is incredibly large and the quality is very good. The best page builder is of no use if you combine it with a bad theme.

Divi is incredibly popular, and rightly so, because visual editing with Divi is incredibly intuitive, easy and you have many options in terms of page design. Here, too, you can import themes, pages, sections and elements of various kinds with a click of the mouse. In addition, Divi also has a lifetime license and does not have to be purchased every year!

DIVI Free Trial

Elementor Pro

The king among page builders currently is definitely
Elementor Pro
. There is a free light version, but the pro version currently outshines everything. The enormous development work that has been done in recent months alone has proven how strongly the company is currently growing. And for good reason, because Elementor Pro is currently the most functional page builder on the market. With the numerous extensions, you can get even more out of Elementor. The operation is relatively simple and direct. After a few days has the hang of it.

In addition, Elementor also offers the largest selection of pre-built themes, pages, sections and elements, as well as a potentially expandable stock photo gallery. These are all importable at the click of a mouse and you can edit them directly. Professional websites can usually be created within a few hours and days.

As an Elementor user, you can be excited about the future, because the development team has done a great job so far and will also release some new features in the future.

Elementor Free Trial


In our experience, Beaver Builder is a solid page builder but with a proud price tag. Currently, we work almost exclusively with Elementor, because we really appreciate the high functionality as well as creative freedom. However, for smaller web projects have also made very good experiences with Divi. Especially since you can buy Divi with a lifetime license.

For freelancers or agencies, Elementor is definitely the best choice especially if you regularly work on (new) web projects. Apart from the technical, design and functional possibilities, you can simply work very quickly with Elementor and the workflow is very good.


The bottom line is that the Beaver Builder is a good page builder which convinces mainly by the high flexibility and integrability with almost any theme. The work itself is relatively quick and self-explanatory. With the classic “what you see is what you get” visual builders, the operation is usually self-explanatory anyway.

However, if you want more freedom and possibilities in terms of design, you should rather go for Divi or Elementor. Especially if you want to implement more projects in the long run and realize web projects on a regular basis, the investment in Elementor is definitely worth it.


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