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Two billboards promoting Mission Zero on the side of a green wall.
Two billboards promoting Mission Zero on the side of a green wall.
Success on the market requires more than just a good idea. A strong presence that optimally represents the brand and remains in the memory is essential. This includes an appearance that appeals to the target group and sends a clear message to the outside world.
Our services include brand creation and optimization in three critical areas: Brand Strategy, Brand Design and Brand Digitization, for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations.





Our philosophy is to create brands that embody the spirit of the times - holistically. With a strong focus on strategic thinking, innovative design and digital excellence, we strive to build brands that are relevant, memorable and successfully positioned in the market.


We develop the necessary vision and enable sustainable growth. Through customized solutions and continuous development, the Zeitgeist agency helps companies stand out from the competition and grow in the long term.


We attach great importance to developing target-oriented brand solutions. Clear intentions are defined and effective strategies are developed to achieve them. Every step and element in the branding process is designed to support the defined goals and achieve the desired outcome.


In the long term, only unique brands will prevail. We take a customized approach to creating distinctive brand identities. Each project is considered unique - with specific needs, approaches and goals.



How are our brandings created?

Initial consultation.

In a free initial consultation, we jointly identify new opportunities for the respective brand and show potentials. During the process, we rely on a trusting and open relationship with our partners and maintain appreciative communication with transparency and empathy.


To stand out from other companies, one thing is of great advantage: an authentic and customized brand strategy. We provide support - whether B2B or B2C. In our brand workshop, we develop exactly the tools that are important to make a brand special.


After the brand strategy has been defined, we jointly create a clear schedule - with implementation sprints. In general, we rely on regular updates via online or live meeting to execute processes quickly, easily and exactly according to plan. We have had great experiences with this so far.


Based on the previously defined requirements and the elaborated brand strategy, we develop Stylescapes. As a first preview for the future corporate design, we provide pre-designed stylescapes with different visual elements for collecting further impulses. This brings us one step closer to the finished brand.


Subsequently, the visual development of the brand based on the stylescapes takes place in sprints and feedback loops until the corporate design is ready. "Finished" for us means a satisfactory result in coordination with our clientele. This way, we ensure that the final corporate design meets their expectations and perfectly embodies their vision.


As companies grow, so must brands. We focus on ongoing support to enable sustainable brand growth. Through continuous support and strategic adjustments, we accompany brands on their growth path to ensure that they always remain relevant, competitive and successful.



Opinion in 10 seconds

It only takes 10 seconds for a consumer to get a first impression of a logo. (Source: crowdspring.com)

23% increase in sales

Overall, brand consistency contributes to a 23% increase in sales. (Source: linkedin.com)

90% Purchase decisions

Overall, 90% of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously. (Source: crowdspring.com)

80% recognition value

A distinctive color increases the recognition value of a brand by 80%. (Source: linkedin.com)


Our customers

Strong brands that trust us.
Das Logo der ANDRITZ AG auf blauem Hintergrund.
Anton Paar-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
App Radar-Logo mit grauem Hintergrund.
B-Zulassungslogo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Logo der Deutschen Bank auf einem Hintergrund.
Logo der Universität Fh Joanneum.
Firstbird-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Kinderhotels-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Magna-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Das Logo der Medizinischen Universität Graz, einer medizinischen Universität in Graz.
Neuroth-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „ofi“, das Leistungen hervorhebt.
Das Sheraton-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund repräsentiert das Sheraton Hotel.
Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „graz“, inspiriert von der Stadt Graz.
Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH.

Customer feedback

Ein Mann in einer schwarzen Jacke mit Eurofloor.


Our new branding turned out great. In the meantime, some customers and business partners have even spoken to us in praise of it. Zeitgeist is the branding agency of our choice from Dubai.
Hubert Sztormke
CEO & Founder
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