Crypto Branding Agency

Crypto Branding Agency
Crypto Branding Agency
Blockchain technology and the resulting cryptocurrencies have created an alternative to the current financial system and an incredible market with great potential.
We help crypto companies build a strong brand that stands out from the competition and appeals to their target audience. Starting from ICO / ITO to NFTs to platforms and exchanges.





Our crypto brands are sustainably designed, implemented and developed, enabling ongoing growth.


Each brand is viewed holistically so that it can develop its full potential.


In order to stand out from the crowd of projects and address exactly the target group, we develop all brands individually.


Each brand is subject to a very clear strategy, which we develop together in the workshop and support through extensive research.



Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, we get to know each other and identify potential for the creation of your brand.

Initial research

To get a first feel for the market in terms of competitors, target group(s) and your positioning, we conduct an initial research.

Strategy workshop

Every crypto branding project starts with a strategy workshop. In this we identify the strategic basis of the crypto brand. This includes positioning, values, mission, vision, purpose, unique selling propositions, etc.

In-depth research

This is followed by extensive research into the target group and competitors in order to understand and analyze the market factually, based on figures.


Based on strategy and market research, the first visual approaches are made via Stylescapes. This involves finding and matching styles, as well as visual elements.

Corporate identity

In the final step, the full-fledged expression of the brand finally begins. In doing so, we work out the visual brand identity step by step, together with you. Starting from the logo to the fonts and the visual language. The whole is rounded off with a Brand Manual for further correct use.



21% own crypto

21% of U.S. adult-age guarantors own cryptocurrencies.

104.170% Growth

Between 2012 and 2023, Bitcoin has increased by 104.170%.

442 billion USD Value

The current market capitalization of Bitcoin is $442 billion.

49 billion Trading volume

The current daily trading volume is USD 49 billion.


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Das Logo der ANDRITZ AG auf blauem Hintergrund.
Anton Paar-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Logo der Deutschen Bank auf einem Hintergrund.
Logo der Universität Fh Joanneum.
Firstbird-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Kinderhotels-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Magna-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Das Logo der Medizinischen Universität Graz, einer medizinischen Universität in Graz.
Neuroth-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund.
Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „ofi“, das Leistungen hervorhebt.
Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „graz“, inspiriert von der Stadt Graz.
Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH.
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Customer feedback

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Crypto Feedback

Zeitgeist was definitely the right branding agency for our crypto project. Through extensive market research, we were able to position ourselves specifically and establish ourselves in the market.
Peter Paul
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