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A blue page with the words 'everything you need to rank higher and get more traffic', designed by a SaaS Branding Agency.
A blue page with the words 'everything you need to rank higher and get more traffic', designed by a SaaS Branding Agency.
In the course of digitalization, software is becoming an increasingly important element in for entrepreneurs, but also private users. The range of products on offer in almost all sectors is so large that only fully-fledged brands will prevail in the long term.
We develop unique brand identities for software companies and turn a SaaS into a brand. Starting from naming, logo and corporate design to brand communication.





Every brand needs to be unique to stand out from the competition and appeal to just the right target group.


We go into depth with every brand development, create substance and build on it sustainably.


Brands must be viewed and implemented holistically in order to ultimately achieve the desired effect.


Our brands are subject to a clear strategy, which we develop through joint workshops and fact-based research.




Initial consultation

In the initial consultation, we identify potentials for the (further) development of your brand.

Initial research

Before we work together on your brand, we conduct the initial research. In this we get a feeling for the market, regarding the target group(s), as well as competitors and your positioning.

Strategy workshop

Then, in a joint workshop, we work out the brand substance, precise positioning in detail, character, language and initial visual styles of your brand.

In-depth research

In order to gain an even better understanding of the brand and also to substantiate what we have worked out with facts, we carry out in-depth research work. This involves interviews, surveys, market statistics, and (if available) the collection and analysis of existing data.


Using stylescapes, we create the first visual expressions of your brand. In the process, rough style directions are worked out, based on strategy workshop and in-depth research. In this step comes to several presentation of different directions and feedback loops with you for joint coordination.

Corporate Identity

Finally, we work out the final corporate identity including the manual. Starting with logo, business cards, stationery, signatures and much more, including instructions (brand manual) for further use.



+195 billion USD market

The total SAAS market is worth over 195 billion (Source: Gartner)

500% Growth in 7 years

The Saas market has grown 500% in the last 7 years (source: Gartner)

70% of the software is SAAS

70% of the software used in enterprises is SAAS. (Source: Bettercloud)

Consistent growth for 10 years

For over years, the SAAS market has grown steadily every year. (Source: Apps run the world)


Our customers

Strong brands that trust us.
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Logo der Universität Fh Joanneum.
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Magna-Logo auf einem Hintergrund.
Das Logo der Medizinischen Universität Graz, einer medizinischen Universität in Graz.
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Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „ofi“, das Leistungen hervorhebt.
Das Sheraton-Logo auf blauem Hintergrund repräsentiert das Sheraton Hotel.
Ein schwarz-weißes Logo mit dem Wort „graz“, inspiriert von der Stadt Graz.
Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH.

Customer feedback

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With avenus, we have launched a software project that should revolutionize the entire local mobility and previous standards. The branding requirements were correspondingly high. The result is impressive. Zeitgeist is the SAAS branding agency of our choice.
Alexander Fellner Stiasny, B.Sc.
CEO & Founder
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