Sustainable Branding: Definition & Examples + TOP 7 Strategies

Definition Sustainable Branding refers to the process of creating and promoting a brand that is consistent with sustainable business practices and environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. This involves incorporating sustainable values and practices into all aspects of the brand, from sourcing and production to marketing and communications. The goal of sustainable branding is to […]

Brand names: Find, Check and Protect – Guide

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Brand names: Find, Check and Protect – Guide Finding the right brand name is often not that easy, but of crucial importance when building a strong brand. In this article, we highlight the most important aspects regarding the topic of brand name. Among them, the definition, the main features of a brand name, how to […]

What is a claim? (Marketing) Definition, characteristics and meaning

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Definition In marketing, a claim refers to a statement or assertion that a company or brand makes about the benefits, features, or characteristics of its product or service. Claims are often used in advertising and promotional materials to persuade and influence potential customers to choose one’s product. These claims may take the form of slogans, […]

What is a slogan? Definition, examples + generator

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What is a slogan? Definition A tagline is a catchy phrase or sentence used to convey a specific message about a product, brand, organization or cause. It is usually short and concise and is designed to grab the attention of the target audience and leave a lasting impression. Slogans are often used in advertising and […]

What is a tagline? Definition, Examples & Guidance

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Taglines are an essential part or brand element of any brand or branding. branding . A strong tagline contributes to the success of a brand and stays in the mind of the target group. But what is a tagline anyway, why do you need it and what examples are there? Definition A tagline is a […]

Branding – definition, components and examples

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Branding is an important aspect for any business, large or small. It’s about creating a unique identity and image for a company, product or service that sets it apart from the competition. In a world where consumers are bombarded with hundreds of advertising and marketing messages every day, effective branding can make all the difference […]

USP – Definition, Meaning & Examples in Marketing

Definition USP stands for “unique selling proposition”. It refers to the special feature or advantage that sets a product or service apart from the competition and makes it more attractive to potential customers. A USP can be a particular product feature, a special pricing strategy, or a unique marketing message, among other things. Meaning […]

Value Proposition Canvas – Definition, Example & Template

When it comes to truly understanding your customers, including their missions, pains and benefits, as well as your offering to them, the Value Proposition Canvas, developed by Alex Osterwalder, is one of the best tools to help you do that. Definition The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool that can help position a product or […]